Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has released Notification that Stipulate Compliance Conditions for the Licensee, dated 23 March 2020

April 10, 2020

 Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) has released Notification that Stipulate Compliance Conditions for the Licensee, dated 23 March 2020

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The Notification requires Quality Control that shall comply with specific requirements of the product standard and emphasize that any changes that may affect product quality shall be notified to TISI. The Notification requires the Licensee to exhibit TIS mark on the product within specific time frame after authorized the License. It is required that the Licensee shall submit operation report relates to the certified products within required time frame as stipulated in related notification. Details can be found from

In conclusion, there is no change in regulation regarding product licensing. The Notification has concluded conditions that the Licensee shall comply with, in which is in consistent with the latest revision of TIS application forms, authorization to TIS mark, application form to manufacture or import regulated products, etc., dated 11 March 2020. Details can be found from

Information that you should know about TIS Licensing

In general, for product licensing, beside the two major processes that are product testing and factory inspection, there are other processes that equally important. Some of the process are found to be commonly lacking information from the applicant that may cause unnecessary delay in the application process. The below processes are strongly
recommended for the applicant to prepare during the certification.
1. Letter stating where and how TIS mark will be displayed onto the product after obtaining the product license
2. The product information on nameplate that shall conform with TISI regulation. The information shall cope with its product standard and TISI marking requirements.
* More information can be found from

Licensee shall ensure to fully conform with TISI regulation after obtaining the license. Below are some activities that may commonly miss to report to TISI in routine in which can lead to failure to comply.
1. TIS License for Production in Thailand, a licensee must report produced product quantity to TISI every month.
2. TIS License for Import into Thailand, a licensee must report on import product quantity to TISI for every shipment.
* TISI will randomly carry out market surveillance in warehouse/store and/or factory every year to ensure products continue conformance with TIS standards, as well as to assure product safety for consumer protection.

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